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Lynton Lasers endorsed by NHS
Number of Treatments 1 3 Works out at 40% discount:
Lip or Chin £90 £162 £54
Lip & Chin £120 £216 £72
Full Face £160 £288 £96
Standard Bikini £90 £162 £54
Underarms £95 £171 £57
Full Chest or Back £250 £450 £150
Lower legs £250 £450 £150
Full Hollywood £180 £324 £108
Brazilian Bikini £163 £294 £98
Full Legs £320 £576 £192
Nose or Cheeks £90    
Nose & Cheeks £110    
Legs from £65    
Prices start from
Effectively removes or fades age spots or solar lentigo caused by sun damage



Effectively dries out active spots & calms distressed red skin
LASER REJUVENATION - tone (colour) £115    
Working over the whole face to fade brown age sports, diminish thread veins and plump skin naturally
LASER - REJUVENATION - texture £115    
Working over the whole area to resurface skin imperfections, call for consultation
Great all-rounder to calm reddened skin tones
Q Switch Laser

Safe removal or fading of unwanted tattoos


dermalogica ion active


We have a collective of 13 years’ experience in the laser industry.
We are fully insured and are compliant.

Aesthetic Facial Procedures

SkinBase Microdermabrasion with hydrating mask 30 mins £60
“A mechanical resurfacing treatment to brighten skin and minimise fine lines,
acne scarring and pigmentation”

SkinBase Microdermabrasion with lactic acid exfoliation,
extraction & hydrating mask 45 mins
“An even deeper mechanical resurfacing treatment to brighten, decongest & minimise fine
lines, acne scarring and pigmentation”

Dermaroller Collagen Induction - up to 45 mins £50 (3 tmts - £145)
Needling to ‘Fight’ Stretch Marks, Acne Scarring & Cellulite with penetrating advanced collagen fusion to resurface skin.

Ultra-Visage Non-Surgical Face Lift 75 mins £77
A facial muscle workout and collagen boost using electrical current to firm, cleanse and hydrate, ideal for sagging skin. A course of treatments strongly advised for best results

Eye-bag & Brow Lift 30 mins £37 (3 tmts. £105)
Stimulate fluid retention and drainage followed by eyebrow lifting using micro-current

Laser Skin Tone Rejuvenation treatment £115
“Working over the whole face to fade brown age spots, diminish
thread veins and plump skin naturally”

Laser Skin Texture Rejuvenation treatment £115
“Working over the whole area to resurface skin imperfections, call for consultation”

Active Acne treatment £115
“Effectively dries out active spots and calms distressed red skin”

Laser Thread Vein removal from £35
Effectively removes spider naevi & cherry angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots

Laser Pigmentation removal from £35
Effectively removes or brightens age spots or solar lentigo caused by sun damage

Anti-Wrinkle Toxin Injections
1 x area £140 2 x areas £200 3 x areas £240
3 x areas + bunny lines or brow lift £280 

Microneedling - BT-Titan (Collagen Induction) - Course of 3 treatments, 1 hr, £320.00
Targeting scarring, fine lines, loss of firmness, pigmentation.
Controlled trauma of the skin to kick start it's natural healing process. Three treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

Brow Lift £140, Gummy Smile £140, Down Turned Mouth Corners £140, Pebbled Chin £140

Neck Lift £280
Jawline Slimming £280
Migraine Treatment £280
Excessive Sweating £320
Teeth Grinding £280
Lip Fillers - Shape & Contour £200 Soft Effect & Rejuvenation £240 Big Kiss Lips £320
Cheek Enhancment £280
Tear Trough (dark circles under eyes) £320
Nose Filler (Liquid Rhinoplasty) £320
Dermal Filler for deeper lines from £280
Hand Filler £360

Cryopen from £35
Removal of skin tags, pigmentation, milia, warts, cherry angiomas & verrucae using liquid nitrogen.


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